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Drum Repair
Drum Head Replacement Resource

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La Puente

Kevin Karamitros
Address: (call or email please)
La Puente, CA 91744
What drums you repair? All types
Approximate cost to:
1. replace head: $60-$80 depending on size.
2. replace rope: Verticals free with head change (cost of rope only), $25 without head  
                        change (plus rope cost). Rope prices vary depending on color, size,  etc.
                       Crown and/or base ring $10 each.       
                        Cloth wrap $3 each ring.
3. replace rings: $7 plus above rope replacement costs.
4. custom shape top rim: $20 if no repair needed (call for repair details)
5. Approximate time of repair: 2 weeks
6. For cracks and other shell repair costs please email or call.
7. Customer pays shipping. UPS carrier preferred.


Robert Webb or Mike Bird
5271 - 96th Terrace North
Pinellas Park, FL  33782
727-542-2674 or 727-244-3354
Web Site
Drums repaired:  Djembes, Ashikos, Doumbeks, Darabukas, Bongos, Congas, etc
Services Available: Head Replacement; Re-Roping of Drum; Millwork
Call for Quotes/Estimates



Kenne Thomas
Drums From A Small Planet
250 Grandview Ave. West #259
Roseville, Minnesota 55113
ph. 651.494.9309
fax 651.494.9310

Percussion Instrument Repair and Tune-Up Available.

New York City

Michael Markus
228 East 26th Street
New York, NY 10010
Telephone: 212-889-9486
Web Site:
What drums you repair?: djembe, doun doun, sangban, kenkeni
Approximate cost to:
 replace head: $100 ($30 skin, $70 labor)
 replace rope: $15.00
 replace rings: $5.00
 custom shape top rim: no charge
 Approximate time of repair:1 - 2 weeks
 Michael Markus has been repairing drums for seven years after learning from artists of Guinea, West Africa including master drummer M'bemba Ba
ngoura. (See web page)

Beverly Nadelman
Brooklyn, NY 11220
Telephone: 718-854-1581
What drums you repair? Djembe, Ashiko, bottom drums: Kenkeni, Songban, Dundun
Approximate cost to:
1. replace head: $60;  2. replace rope: $25 plus rope @ $.15 per foot;  3. replace rings: $10 per;  4. custom shape top rim: no charge with skin replacement unless extensive work necessary. Will call to consult.  5. Approximate time of repair: one-two weeks for djembe and ashiko. May be longer on bottom drums depending on availability of skins.  6. Tell us about your yourself:
I have been custom carving and making djembes for three years. I can design your carving or carve your design, make or repair your drum.


Michael Kenny
Dallas, Texas 75218
Repairing djembe, ashiko, frame, kenkeni, songban dundun
Replace head $75 + skin; replace rope $25 plus rope @ $.20 per foot; replace rings @ $10 per ring.  Will rework bearing edge at no cost when head replaced.  Extensive work extra.


Tyler Richart
3138 Overhulse Rd. NW #2
Olympia, WA  98502
(360) 866-7540
Drums repaired: jembes and dunduns

Approximate cost to:

1. replace head   $80 + materials, 2. replace rope-cost of rope +$15    included w/head replacement, +cost of rope.  3. replace
rings--$12 per ring  4. custom shape top rim--$12/hr labor -- depends on the drum   5. Approximate time of repair:  2 weeks



Nels Linde
Hawkdancing Studio
#42  1-1/2 ST
Clear Lake Wi 54005
Web Site
Drums repaired:  Djembes, doumbeks,
Approximate cost to:
1. replace head  $50/plus skin($20) on Djembe,
                       $40/plus skin doumbek,
2. replace rope  $25 verticals only  / $40 complete
3. replace rings  $15/only with new rope option
4. custom shape top rim  $15
5. Approximate time of repair  1-3weeks
6. complete job (total rebuild) $120 includes new skin,rope,rings, and new playing edge.





NSW Australia

George Peel, Drum Makers and Repairer
!66 Blue Knob Road 
Mount Burrill Via Nimbin NSW Australia  2480
Telephone        ( 61 02 ) 6689 7040


Drums made and repaired:
All drums in an African Ensemble, Talking drum, Djembe, Bookrrabos, Dunun
and all peg drums from Royal drums to the smallest. Also American Indian and Middle Eastern drums.

Approximate cost in Aus $ to:

1. replace head                $90
2. replace rope                 $20
3. replace rings                $20     
4. custom shape top rim  $ Free             
5. Approximate time of repair  2 Weeks
6. Skins used are Australian Feral Goat and deer.

George Peel
( Blisseeon )
166 Blue Knob Road
Mount Burrell
Via Nimbin NSW
Australia 2480
61 02 6689 7040

Nova Scotia

Kirk Whidden
1171 Main St.
Port Williams
Nova Scotia
B0P 1T0

Drums repaired: Ashiko, Djembe, Bodhrans

Drums from $100 to $300

Custom built drums to your specifications

1. replace head                                     $30 plus materials
2. replace rope                                     $30 plus materials
3. replace rings                                     $30 plus materials
4. custom make and shape top rim
            mild steel                                  $10 - 25
            stainless                                    $15 - 35

Note: I work at my own speed to attain a high standard of work and top quality.  My Goal is to harmonize the parts of the drum to optimize the potential of the drum.


Ballybane, Ballydehob, Co. Cork

Thomas Wiegandt
Tel & Fax 00353-(0)28-37323

Professional repair of all hand drums and Bass Drums by drum maker Thomas Wiegandt ( who learnt it from Famoudou Konate in Guinea), also custom built drums.
Skins: goat, deer, cow with/without hair - top quality  ! (Irish 20 or more, depending)
Rings (Irish 10 each) and quality ropes (Irish 0.60 per 1 meter)
Shell repair and carving.
Reasonable prices
(standard repair of 30 cm Djembe: Irish 30 plus skin 20)
Details and quotes: Please inquire.
Drums and instruments from all over the world: Please inquire.
Workshops: Please inquire.

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